Ai_Club Bangers

“Club bangers”, the latest release from illusive London-based Airecords, is born out of the reaction to rigorous taste-tests on the hippest dance floors in the capital. The title ‘Club Bangers’ was adopted simply because it did what it said; causing a huge response from crowds who were given a taster to chew on.

As the word ‘banger’ means sausage in the UK, a master butcher was briefed to create an exquisite, bespoke 12” square sausage that became the record’s cover, with the reverse being a customised twist on the foam tray used to package them.

The artists involved picked their favourite sausage, the vinyl was measured and the butcher created a unique Cumberland ring of music, with each track being made of that particular artist’s pork penchant.

Once all the pork parts were constructed, they were carefully assembled, sealed and labelled by the master butcher – complete with stickers to represent as authentic a British banger buying experience.

D&AD Nominated: Best Album Design and Best Packaging